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The first impression counts and shoes are part of a stylish outfit. At Best Place To Buy new chic shoes stores you will find a huge selection of thousands of women’s shoes, men’s shoes and children’s shoes! In our FASHION WORLD you will also find a lot of interesting information and news about shoes for women, men or children.

Find Best women’s shoes online at new chic shoes stores

. To find the right women’s shoes is often not that easy because the variety of shoe models such as women’s lace-up ankle boots or women’s ankle boots are available in a wide variety of shoe models. With her legendary sentence “I love shoes” in the Sex and the City series, Sarah Jessica Parker speaks from the soul of millions of women around the world. Because finding the right women’s shoes poses a real problem for many shoe-loving women: whether Pumps , high heels, women’s sneakers, loafers, women’s boots , running shoes, ankle boots , ankle boots, sports shoes, biker boots, Chelsea boots , lace-up boots, clogs, bridal shoes , ballerinas, espadrilles, Moccasin slippers, sandals, summer shoes, winter shoes or ladies’ lace-up ankle boots, the selection of women’s shoes is almost limitless. It is hardly surprising that a pop star like Mariah Carrey claims to have over 10,000 pairs of shoes in her apartment in New York. In this context, the shoe tick of women in women’s shoes can be easily understood, because the wardrobe largely consists of a huge repertoire of elegant women’s shoe fashion. Depending on the selection, color, shoe trends, season and mood of the women, unusual women’s shoes are the ideal complement to the right outfit and must have Shoes elegantly complete the fashionable styling.

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When it comes to women’s shoes, men’s shoe ticks usually go too far, but increasingly the strong gender also uses the hype for a neat appearance. To speak of a hysteria that shoes trigger in women is a little too high for men, but in relation to men’s shoes, the pleasure object of women is also increasingly becoming the stylish companion of men. Gone are the days when three pairs of men’s shoes lined the man’s shoe cabinet. Nowadays, the men’s world also shows a sense of a good shoe and the modern, young and young at heart increasingly attaches importance to modern men’s shoes with a lot of color. Whether men’s business shoes , lace-up shoes, lace-up shoes for men, men’s sports shoes, Men’s ankle boots or men’s boots and boots or cool sneakers, the modern man wears the latest men’s newchic shoes for every occasion and combines the appropriate footwear with style and elegance to create trendy fashion.

Stylish men’s shoes

Stylish men’s shoes can be ordered conveniently from a connected shoes online shop or you can get advice on fashionable men’s shoes from a local shoe store. You can find the latest trends and news on the topic of trendy women and men shoes in our Fashion World. In addition, you will also learn about current topics relating to comfort newchic shoes for men, because your foot will certainly forgive you a lot, but in the long run an incorrect shoe model can lead to considerable health problems and impair the appearance. Of course, the color of men’s shoes also plays an important role. The times are over, when only brown and black men’s shoes lined the men’s feet. Nowadays there are men’s shoes in different colors to buy and colorful men’s shoes are increasingly worn with stylish outfits.


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The right fit is particularly important when buying children’s newchic shoes . Children’s feet are subject to constant growth, especially in the first few years, and shoes for kids that don’t fit can have unpleasant consequences for the development of children’s feet. For this reason, a sense of responsibility is very present at children’s shoe brands such as Superfit, Lurchi, Ricosta or Primigi to create a fit that is conducive to the development of children’s feet. In addition to an appropriate fit, a children’s shoe model is also recommended that adapts as best as possible to the respective circumstances. Whether children’s shoes from Superfit, Lico or Ricosta – shoes for children are used as sports shoes, chucks, sandals, Slippers, boots or gym shoes like to wear. Sports shoes for girls or boys can be bought online in a wide variety of shoe models or stationary in the nearest shoe store. Whether soccer shoes for children, sneakers, outdoor shoes, indoor shoes or training shoes. The specific properties of the children’s sports shoes are individual for each sport and  newchic there fore extensive advice should be given by trained specialist staff before buying the children’s sports shoes. When it comes to sneakers and chucks for girls and boys, the main focus is on the design, to underline the casual outfit of the kids as best as possible. Light sneakers for children with a thin sole are popular among trend-conscious children on the street and in their free time. In addition, appropriate GORE-TEX® materials are processed in many children’s shoes, which are waterproof and breathable at the same time, so that they can enjoy playing in the fresh air for longer.

Children’s sandals made of shoe materials such as suede, nubuck or leather are suitable for summer. Playful details such as butterfly motifs, floral patterns or blue decorative stitching for the boys are real eye-catchers and make children’s hearts beat faster. In addition to sneakers, chucks, sandals or sports shoes, the children’s boots are also a must. In this case, the children are in no way inferior to the adults in terms of style, and there is also a large selection of boots for kids. Children’s sandals made of shoe materials such as suede, nubuck or leather are suitable for summer. Playful details such as butterfly motifs, floral patterns or blue decorative stitching for the boys are real eye-catchers and make children’s hearts beat faster. In addition to sneakers, chucks, sandals or sports shoes, the children’s boots are also a must. In this case, the children are in no way inferior to the adults in terms of style, and there is also a large selection of boots for kids. Children’s sandals made of shoe materials such as suede, nubuck or leather are suitable for summer. Playful details such as butterfly motifs, floral patterns or blue decorative stitching for the boys are real eye-catchers and make children’s hearts beat faster. In addition to sneakers, chucks, sandals or sports shoes, the children’s boots are also a must. In this case, the children are in no way inferior to the adults in terms of style, and there is also a large selection of boots for kids.


Buy shoes online at newchic shoes

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New shoes and modern trends for the whole family

The fashion world always offers new and exciting trend themes, which are presented on the catwalks every year and then appear in the shops. We therefore offer new newchic shoes online in the latest designs in the best place to buy shoes online shop. Browse through our new products and discover your own personal highlights. Whether elegant lace-ups newchic shoes for women , robust boots for men or cool sneakers for children : In the best place to buy shoes online shop you will always find new shoes in different sizes at great prices.

What new shoes can I expect in the BEST PLACE TO BUY SHOES newchic shoes online shop?

Whether casual flatforms, cool newchic sneakers for women or elegant pumps : new shoes are always the perfect addition to trend-conscious looks. All the better that there are always new models that not only complete your shoe cabinet, but also visually enhance your outfit.

We offer our ladies a perfect mix of trendy flats such as newchic for women’s loafers , lace-up shoes , ballerinas and sandals in cool metallic and pastel tones as well as classic variants in dark tones. Fashionable pumps with platform and block heels complement our range and offer a wide range of options with great brands such as Tamaris , s.Oliver and Esprit .

This year, men will get their money’s worth in terms of velor and denim. Slippers , sneakers for men , light boots and comfortable men’s mules result in a cool style and are in no way inferior to women’s fashion! Top brands such as Bullboxer , adidas Neo and Venturini exemplify the trends and regularly offer a selection of newchic shoes for men‘s .

Newchic shoes for children such as flashing sneakers, floral lace-ups and Velcro shoes decorated with comics offer colorful variety in everyday life and make children’s eyes shine. Colorful sandals for children from trend brands such as Superfit , Geox and Bama Kids complete the range.

New shoes for Newchic Shoes Online

You see, there are no limits to fashionable creativity. Let yourself be inspired by this variety of options and find the right shoes item for you and the whole family in the best place to buy newchic shoes online shop. No matter whether for women, men, girls or boys: best place to buy shoes always has the latest shoes trends at the best price.For more shoes topic trends check out our blogs.


NEWCHIC Shoes Men’s Collection

In today’s world, the men’s world also shows a sense of a good shoe and the modern, young and young at heart increasingly attaches importance to modern men’s shoes with a lot of color. Whether men’s business shoes , lace-up shoes, lace-up shoes for men, men’s sports shoes, Men’s ankle boots or men’s boots and boots or cool sneakers,moccasin and men’s loafers, the modern man wears the latest men’s shoes for every occasion and combines the appropriate footwear with style and elegance to create trendy fashion



According to newchic shoes ,a gentleman does not do without a classic lace-up shoe even in summer . For less formal events, however, it doesn’t always have to be the popular Oxford or Derby . On the contrary: While moccasins and sneakers usually appear out of place in the office, the Tassel Loafer offers a fashionably elegant and at the same time more airy alternative to traditional lace-ups.

n the USA and Italy, the Tassel Loafer is already considered a full-fledged business shoe and embodies the American lifestyle like hardly any other men’s shoe. Although the slipper – especially in the black smooth leather version – also cuts a fine figure with a black or gray suit on less formal occasions, it only gradually frees itself in our latitudes from its image as a pure leisure shoe. In the fashionable suede version, the feather-light slipper is particularly convincing for the typical college look with a polo shirt and chinos, but can also be stylishly combined with jeans , tweed or cord in matching colors. Tip: The Tassel Loafer generally comes without stockings out. But even small socks get the barefoot look and prevent an unpleasant smell.


The boat shoe was originally developed in the 1930s as an improved sailing shoe. Its inventor, the enthusiastic hobby sailor Paul Sperry, was desperately looking for a hold on the slippery ship deck in the soft canvas sports shoes that were common at the time. However, Sperry came up with the idea for the boat shoe design that is known today during a winter walk with his loyal cocker spaniel.

Today the former sailing shoe inspires in many forms. The airy boat shoe guarantees a summer appearance, both in the classic single-color smooth leather version or in a fashionable suede interpretation with two-tone leather. Jeans and polo shirt – together with the slipper – form the perfect triad for the casual leisure look .


In summer, it doesn’t always have to be classic when it comes to footwear. A moccasin proves its feather-light qualities during a barbecue with colleagues, a football evening with friends or a family outing into the countryside. The newchic shoes men‘s blog reveals who actually invented the “Indian shoe” and what outfits the comfortable slip-on shoe cuts a fabulous figure with.

In favor of greater comfort, today’s models have an additional outsole and a thin inner lining. Soft rubber knobs in the outsole are also an absolute must. They protect the leather from rapid wear and promise a firm grip on the pedals, especially when driving. In the wardrobe of the modern gentleman, the moccasin sets a light summer accent.


From comfortable sneakers to the symbol of rebellion to the catwalks of the world – hardly any other shoe has taken such a walk as the sneaker. The newchic shoes men blog follows in the footsteps of the famous cult shoe and shows which noble interpretations are convincing today even outside the sports field.

Today the sneaker is synonymous with sports shoes in general. But that’s not all: apart from cheaply glued imports from the Far East, a new generation of sneakers transforms the famous cult shoe into a tasteful choice for the modern gentleman. What is meant are those noble sneakers that combine the classic design of their famous ancestor with the advantages of elegant leather shoes.

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Multi-Color Loafers Newchic Shoes Online

Trendy, for men and women, are currently quite masculine-looking loafers. You can see them combined with casual clothing, skinny jeans and a mini skirt as well as with trousers for the office. As a former pure men’s shoe, the loafer has also established itself in women’s footwear. But where does the shoe actually get its name from and how did it get to the feet of Europeans? We have set out for you on the traces of comfortable newchic shoes to slip on.

Loafers, loafers and moccasins – where are the differences?

The terms loafers, loafers and moccasins are often used interchangeably. There are features that distinguish moccasins from the loafers. First of all, both shoe types are so-called slippers. Slippers are shoes that you can easily slip into without a kind of fastener or laces. That is why they are called slip-on newchic shoes or panties in Germany. Loafers are a special form of slipper. They have a small heel and a firm sole. Most of them are made of leather. These are also the main features that distinguish them from moccasins.

The Penny Loafer as a college shoe

The company introduced the low newchic shoes to elite American universities as part of the school uniform in the 1930s. The shoes quickly became so popular that they established themselves as classic Ivy League shoes. The Ivy League was a league in American school sports in which only the 8 oldest universities and their athletes moved. This gave this first loafer its name Pennyloafer. As a lucky charm, the athletes put a penny in their shoes, more precisely in the slot of the leather footbridge on the instep. Because the shoes were so popular at colleges, they are still used today as college shoesdesignated. The shoe was also quickly worn in leisure time to express belonging to the educated upper class. The loafer still stands for a shoe that symbolizes a high standard of living.


Italian designers discover the college shoe

horsebit_loaferIn the 1950s, the loafer found its way into Italian fashion houses. The American college shoe was the first to be varied by Gucci. His horsebit loafer was made with a

small bridle instead of a leather bridge. Many celebrities of the 60s and 70s wore Gucci loafers on their feet and made the university shoes socially acceptable. In classic shoe colors such as black and brown, the loafers were also established as business newchic shoes. In Germany and Great Britain, however, the loafers are not considered formal shoes, but are only assigned to the casual look. When they became more widely accepted in Europe, the college shoes were rebuilt, but they lost a lot of lightness and flexibility because they were made in a welted form.

The loafer as a business shoe?

As already mentioned, loafers are also suitable as business newchic shoes in America and also in some European countries. In more conservative camps, however, classic European shoe models such as the Derby or Oxford are still used to suit men. A loafer is seen as a casual shoe and is not welcome on formal occasions


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Newchic is a brand that is very well known throughout USA and internationally. Many associate this label mainly with clothes, although you are hardly aware of their large variety of shoes. But how long has newchic been around? And how big is their range of shoes really?

You can find out now! read this newchic shoes review

The variety of shoes from the newchic brand
In addition to the extensive clothing and bag collections, newchic naturally also has a variety of different shoes, ranging from casual sneakers to chic ankle boots. Here we present our favorites of this brand for spring and summer:

Runway Men's Shoes Sports And Leisure Shoes Season New Flying Woven Mesh Running Shoes Small White Shoes Tide

What’s new in the Newchic?

A lot has happened compared to its predecessors, the newchic shoes has been completely revised. The centerpiece has always been the very flexible sole, which is now also the case with the latest model of running shoes.


NEWCHIC Reviews : Running shoes

The most successful newchic shoes come from the sprint area. Running shoes from newchic are particularly suitable for runners who run at high speeds both in training and in competitions and who are mostly on short to medium distances.

Sports Shoes Female Ulzzang Harajuku Wild Net Red Old Shoes New Casual Increase White Shoes


Whoever is looking for the latest trends and shoes review should check out the best place to buy shoes a visit. There are regular updates posts on Shoes topics.



Are you still looking for the perfect sneaker that is super comfortable on the one hand and totally stylish on the other? Then in this newchic shoes reviews have a suggestion for you: the newchic brand! Never heard of it? We introduce you to the label, show you what makes their sneakers so special and how you can combine them with your favorite pieces!

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Breathable Men's Shoes Trend Wild Men's Casual Tide Shoes Mesh Shoes Small White Shoes Thick Bottom Shoes Men

What makes Newchic Shoes So Special?

In this newchic shoes reviews,To answer this question, one word is enough: quality. A newchic shoe is produced in a factory. Of course, the focus here is on high-quality materials, since only the highest quality leather is used to manufacture the shoes. Feather-light natural materials are processed for the soles of the sneakers, which enable a comfortable running feeling

What is special?

The leather from which the shoe is made is hand-dyed. It is precisely for this reason newchic shoes reviews i can say that every newchic is unique.

Sports Shoes Female Ulzzang Harajuku Wild Net Red Old Shoes New Casual Increase White Shoes

Exactly this quality is also reflected in the foot-bed of the stylish shoes: Each sneaker has an ergonomically shaped leather foot-bed which also supports the wearing comfort. This foot-bed is not only comfortable, but also adapts optimally to the foot, which results in protection of the joints. Last but not least.

Newchic are also very popular because of their removable insole, which also allows different insoles to be worn in the shoes.

In addition to the functional advantages of the shoes, the design is of course also very important. Indeed, it is so unique that you can recognize a  directly and without large logos or an all-over print. It is enough to look at the sole, which has a distinctive look due to the production. Their harmonious appearance is also particularly unique because, on the one hand, the seams are always color-coordinated with the shoe. The shoes get the typical sneaker look through the seam that runs over the toe. However, they do not look too sporty, but always remain elegant in a certain way.

New Chic Mens Shoes Reviews

Nowadays you can find many different options for shoes accessories on the Internet.We recommended new chic shoes mens.

newchic has most versatile pieces of newchic shoes available today. It can be worn for daily activities, outdoor sports, outdoor exercise, leisure and more.

The men,s fashion Industry Grow day by day.The selection of men’s shoes seems to be huge.Men face the same problem every year: Which shoes can I wear now and above all?: What is allowed? and what is prohibited in connection with heat, office, leisure time and men’s shoes?

We highlighted 3 newchic shoes reviews in this new chic mens shoes reviews blogs.

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Let’s start the new chic mens shoes reviews with the moccasins. The famous shoes of the Native Americans are soft leather slip-on shoes that do not require heels. They are extremely light and airy, but due to their soft suede and thin outsole they are not suitable for long the business world, moccasins have lost nothing. However, they are perfect for a long drive and can also be worn without socks.

The further development of the moccasin is the loafer. This most famous slip shoe has had a permanent place in men’s the USA, Japan and Italy men’s it’ss also often worn in black as a business occasions.

Another classic leisure and summer newchic shoe is the boat shoe. Typical for him is the leather strap running around the shaft, which guarantees a quick adjustment of the shoe width, and his rubber sole (in the original model) with the obligatory knife cut profile. The shoes have long since arrived on the mainland are very popular. They can also be worn barefoot and then go perfectly with fashionable shorts.



For most men, three things are important when it comes to fashion: it should be practical, look good and sit comfortably. Men’s loafers meet all of these criteria. They are the perfect companions all year round, impress with maximum comfort and at the same time are so versatile that they offer the right model for every occasion. Whether elegant men’s lace-ups for the office or comfortable espadrilles for men on a mild summer afternoon – in our online shop you can discover low-cut shoes for men in all their facets. Browse through the large selection and find your new favorite newchic shoes. Don’t forget: Our online exclusive articles offer you exceptional highlights – guaranteed only online.

Men’s lace-ups: all-round companions for the office

NEWCHIC MEN’S LOAFERS 1Do you frequently talk to customers or have business meetings with business partners? For a serious and professional appearance that is convincing, the outfit must also be right. Men’s lace-ups give you the confidence you need to be successful in your job and make an impression. Elegant lace-up shoes for men made of leather or textile from Gallus or AM Shoetestify to taste and style and are at the same time an expression of seriousness and maturity. As elegant men’s low shoes, lace-ups are not only suitable for the office, they also cut an excellent figure as casual newchic shoes. Those who value style and an authentically masculine look like to combine the men’s lace-ups here in an unconventional way – for example with casual bootcut jeans and a motorcycle jacket.

Slippers for men – the casual alternative

Slippers for men are often referred to as men’s loafers. Both versions are comfortable slip-on shoes that can be easily put on and taken off at any time with maximum comfort. At the same time, slippers for men are fashionable all-rounders: Memphis One models go with jeansjust like with pleated trousers or summer shorts. The maximum comfort factor not only plays a role for loafers, but also for men’s moccasins. The newchic shoes, originally from North America, are traditionally made of leather, but are now also available in other material combinations. For self-confident men with an authentic, individual style, men’s moccasins have been the absolute must-have when it comes to  shoes for several years. Decide for yourself whether slippers for men as loafers or casual men’s moccasins are right for you. By the way: celebrities also love the masculine loafers. Ryan Gosling, Luke Evans and many other stars feel at home in modern treads.

Men’s espadrilles: the solution for leisure

You love elegant men’s low shoes, but on hot summer days are the closed laces just too warm for you? No problem: men’s espadrilles have been a perennial favorite when it comes to summer shoes for fashion-conscious men. The textile treads originally from Spain spread southern European flair, good mood and a summery touch of lightness. Men combine – espadrilles very easily with any outfit that you like: jeans, trousers, chinos, swim shorts etc. – whatever is fun is allowed. Extra bonus: Because the trendy men’s low newchic shoes are made only of textile, they offer an optimal air exchange even at maximum temperatures and therefore a pleasant foot climate.

Caring for men’s low shoes properly: this is how the shoes can do everything

You buy men’s loafers from us so cheap that you can invest in a second or third pair, but of course you still want to cut a fine figure in the stylish shoes for more than one season. Proper care is crucial for this, which in turn depends on the respective shoe.

Men’s low shoes made of textile

Men’s low shoes made of textile are relatively easy to maintain: fashionable men’s espadrilles, for example, are best brushed roughly with a soft brush. Then clean with a little warm water and appropriate care products . Important: regular newchic shoes for men made of fabric should be impregnated.

Men’s low shoes made of synthetic

Whether slippers for men or men’s lace-ups – synthetic has been one of the most popular materials for shoes for several years. Not least because it can score all along the line when it comes to maintenance: A damp cloth is usually enough to remove coarse dirt and minor impurities. Cleaning gels and other care products as well as the appropriate impregnation spray protect the shoe from moisture and let it shine again after care.

Men’s low shoes made of leather

Loafers for men are often made of smooth leather or suede. Important: Both variants require different care. Leather cream for smooth leather and suitable care products for suede are available in our online shop. You should also make sure that the shoes are well ventilated after each wear.

With modern low shoes for men you are always well dressed. Comfortable fits, elegant classics or fashionable trends – you can easily decide which men’s loafers best underline your personality. Can’t decide? Then simply make yourself a pleasure and order several models at once – of course also in large sizes, And if you want to take a look at the currently popular trends for fashion-conscious men: Our best place to buy shoes provides you with the best inspiration day and night.


From the field to the street: The evolution of the most popular Nikes

From basketball to running – the connection between Nike and the world of sport has a long tradition. But Nike not only took the fields by storm, but also the hearts of all non-athletes and recreational athletes. From New York to Tokyo, legendary shoe models such as the Air Jordan, Huarache, Air Force 1, Dunk and of course the Air Max have become an integral part of the streets of the world.

Because sneakers from Nike stand for sophisticated technology, which is reflected in their retro-futuristic designs. Like hardly any other brand, it blurs the lines between sport and street style and creates one cult sneaker after another.
So let yourself be carried away into the Nike universe and find out which shoe is made for you!
Nike sneaker

Air Max

The Air Max, inspired by the Paris Center Pompidou, was the first model with a visible air cushion . The “air principle” – compressed gas packed in plastic – was developed by NASA engineer Marion Frank Rudy. Thanks to the legendary commercial with Michael Jordan from 1987, the Air Max established itself on the sneaker market. In 1997, Nike launched a limited edition with a second Swoosh on the side, which is now a highly sought-after collector’s item among sneaker heads.

Air Jordan

The first Air Jordans cost € 57 and were the most expensive basketball shoes ever. According to the NBA rules of the game, the shoes had too little white content, which resulted in Nike having to pay Michael Jordan € 4,420 for every appearance. A pair he wore and signed sold for € 19,600. The release date has been postponed from Wednesday to Saturday to prevent truncation. The Air Jordans 11, which Michael wore in the film Space Jam , was launched four years later. To date, Space Jam is the most successful basketball film ever.


Indian sandals and water ski boots were the inspiration for the Huarache. The Nike check mark can still be seen on the first design, but is missing on the final model – at that time an unexpected and revolutionary step for the brand. Because of the visible foam and the futuristic colors, the Huarache was initially too chunky for commercial success. The pattern sold only five thousand times; at that time 100,000 orders were necessary to even start the production phase. The slogan for the shoe – “Have you hugged your foot today?” – describes how comfortable it is to wear; a shoe that you don’t want to take off anymore.


Initially, the dunk was called “College Color High” and was part of the “Be True To Your School” campaign. It consisted of twelve different models in the colors of the NCAA basketball teams. The Dunk is a mix of different Nike models , including Jordan and Terminator. In 1998 the shoe was reissued and became a symbol of youth culture and one of the most popular sports shoes. The self-service line came onto the market in 2002. The availability of the Dunk SB is controlled by customer needs, which is why the shoe almost never ends up in the sale.

Air Force 1

The Air Foce 1 takes its name from the private jet of the US President. The high tops are among the most popular Air Force 1 models and impress with the Velcro fastener that can be used to fix the strap. There are more than 1,700 different color combinations for the Air Force 1. A model made from anaconda and crocodile leather from 2007 was the first in a four-digit price range at € 1,860. With the numerous hymns on the shoe, for example Nelly’s “Air Force Ones”, you could fill an entire album.

Air Mag

The Nike Air MAG gained its popularity through “Back to the Future 2” , where it is worn by Michael J. Fox ‘Marty McFly. Designers Tinker Hatfield and Tiffany Beers took six years and three new starts to complete. Self-lacing laces and automatic foot adjustment are finally a reality. On October 21, 2015, the “Back to the Future” day, the best place to buy shoes were officially presented to the public. 1,500 pairs were already sold in 2011, but without power shoelaces. The proceeds of 5.1 million euros went entirely to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Rapper Tinie Tempah paid € 33,500 for the first couple.