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In today’s world, the men’s world also shows a sense of a good shoe and the modern, young and young at heart increasingly attaches importance to modern men’s shoes with a lot of color. Whether men’s business shoes , lace-up shoes, lace-up shoes for men, men’s sports shoes, Men’s ankle boots or men’s boots and boots or cool sneakers,moccasin and men’s loafers, the modern man wears the latest men’s shoes for every occasion and combines the appropriate footwear with style and elegance to create trendy fashion



According to newchic shoes ,a gentleman does not do without a classic lace-up shoe even in summer . For less formal events, however, it doesn’t always have to be the popular Oxford or Derby . On the contrary: While moccasins and sneakers usually appear out of place in the office, the Tassel Loafer offers a fashionably elegant and at the same time more airy alternative to traditional lace-ups.

n the USA and Italy, the Tassel Loafer is already considered a full-fledged business shoe and embodies the American lifestyle like hardly any other men’s shoe. Although the slipper – especially in the black smooth leather version – also cuts a fine figure with a black or gray suit on less formal occasions, it only gradually frees itself in our latitudes from its image as a pure leisure shoe. In the fashionable suede version, the feather-light slipper is particularly convincing for the typical college look with a polo shirt and chinos, but can also be stylishly combined with jeans , tweed or cord in matching colors. Tip: The Tassel Loafer generally comes without stockings out. But even small socks get the barefoot look and prevent an unpleasant smell.


The boat shoe was originally developed in the 1930s as an improved sailing shoe. Its inventor, the enthusiastic hobby sailor Paul Sperry, was desperately looking for a hold on the slippery ship deck in the soft canvas sports shoes that were common at the time. However, Sperry came up with the idea for the boat shoe design that is known today during a winter walk with his loyal cocker spaniel.

Today the former sailing shoe inspires in many forms. The airy boat shoe guarantees a summer appearance, both in the classic single-color smooth leather version or in a fashionable suede interpretation with two-tone leather. Jeans and polo shirt – together with the slipper – form the perfect triad for the casual leisure look .


In summer, it doesn’t always have to be classic when it comes to footwear. A moccasin proves its feather-light qualities during a barbecue with colleagues, a football evening with friends or a family outing into the countryside. The newchic shoes men‘s blog reveals who actually invented the “Indian shoe” and what outfits the comfortable slip-on shoe cuts a fabulous figure with.

In favor of greater comfort, today’s models have an additional outsole and a thin inner lining. Soft rubber knobs in the outsole are also an absolute must. They protect the leather from rapid wear and promise a firm grip on the pedals, especially when driving. In the wardrobe of the modern gentleman, the moccasin sets a light summer accent.


From comfortable sneakers to the symbol of rebellion to the catwalks of the world – hardly any other shoe has taken such a walk as the sneaker. The newchic shoes men blog follows in the footsteps of the famous cult shoe and shows which noble interpretations are convincing today even outside the sports field.

Today the sneaker is synonymous with sports shoes in general. But that’s not all: apart from cheaply glued imports from the Far East, a new generation of sneakers transforms the famous cult shoe into a tasteful choice for the modern gentleman. What is meant are those noble sneakers that combine the classic design of their famous ancestor with the advantages of elegant leather shoes.

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