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Trendy, for men and women, are currently quite masculine-looking loafers. You can see them combined with casual clothing, skinny jeans and a mini skirt as well as with trousers for the office. As a former pure men’s shoe, the loafer has also established itself in women’s footwear. But where does the shoe actually get its name from and how did it get to the feet of Europeans? We have set out for you on the traces of comfortable newchic shoes to slip on.

Loafers, loafers and moccasins – where are the differences?

The terms loafers, loafers and moccasins are often used interchangeably. There are features that distinguish moccasins from the loafers. First of all, both shoe types are so-called slippers. Slippers are shoes that you can easily slip into without a kind of fastener or laces. That is why they are called slip-on newchic shoes or panties in Germany. Loafers are a special form of slipper. They have a small heel and a firm sole. Most of them are made of leather. These are also the main features that distinguish them from moccasins.

The Penny Loafer as a college shoe

The company introduced the low newchic shoes to elite American universities as part of the school uniform in the 1930s. The shoes quickly became so popular that they established themselves as classic Ivy League shoes. The Ivy League was a league in American school sports in which only the 8 oldest universities and their athletes moved. This gave this first loafer its name Pennyloafer. As a lucky charm, the athletes put a penny in their shoes, more precisely in the slot of the leather footbridge on the instep. Because the shoes were so popular at colleges, they are still used today as college shoesdesignated. The shoe was also quickly worn in leisure time to express belonging to the educated upper class. The loafer still stands for a shoe that symbolizes a high standard of living.


Italian designers discover the college shoe

horsebit_loaferIn the 1950s, the loafer found its way into Italian fashion houses. The American college shoe was the first to be varied by Gucci. His horsebit loafer was made with a

small bridle instead of a leather bridge. Many celebrities of the 60s and 70s wore Gucci loafers on their feet and made the university shoes socially acceptable. In classic shoe colors such as black and brown, the loafers were also established as business newchic shoes. In Germany and Great Britain, however, the loafers are not considered formal shoes, but are only assigned to the casual look. When they became more widely accepted in Europe, the college shoes were rebuilt, but they lost a lot of lightness and flexibility because they were made in a welted form.

The loafer as a business shoe?

As already mentioned, loafers are also suitable as business newchic shoes in America and also in some European countries. In more conservative camps, however, classic European shoe models such as the Derby or Oxford are still used to suit men. A loafer is seen as a casual shoe and is not welcome on formal occasions


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